Here is an email we received again today about how to handle visitors:

Hi South Pole

We’ve just received word that an NGO German Ski Race which is being filmed as a documentary will be headed this way soon. The finish of the race is the Pole itself. We weren’t expecting them till the New Year but it appears they have had a change of plan and the film crew and 4 support vehicles will be arriving late tonight with the first team of racers arriving tomorrow or tomorrow night.

We would like to make sure you are familiar with NSF’s stance with regard to Film Crews. NSF have many requests to film at the stations and cannot accommodate each request. One of the criteria for allowing filming inside the station and throughout the station (including the science facilities) is that the film should reach an audience that can let American citizens (who through taxes, support our government) learn about our science program.

This is a commercial venture and does not meet that criterion. The film crew are free to film the outside of the station and ceremonial South Pole and the flags but they will not be allowed to film throughout the station, and must keep to the general NGO areas and not wander throughout the station area. They are not permitted to film the interior of the station, should they go on a station tour.

NSF has asked that USAP participants don’t grant interviews or discuss the workings of the station to any unsanctioned Film Crews. As always please keep in mind the general tourist guidelines as outlined below,

NGO vehicles should also only be operated between the NGO overnight camp and the NGO side Pole. They should not be in or around station facilities. If you see vehicles or film crew where they shouldn’t be or anyone in station areas without an official escort please alert the on-duty operator at Comms.

Thanks for your cooperation,

From: POL-Comms
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 7:05 AM
To: POL-SouthPoleAll
Subject: NGO visitors note

South Pole All

Subject: NGO Visitors at South Pole
We are (and will be) having several groups visiting South Pole this season that are not government-sponsored events. You hear them referred to as NGO or Non Government Organizations. As grantees or contractor employees to the USAP, we all should be aware of and sensitive to the NSF policy on our interactions with these NGO visitors. From the USAP policy on NGOs, “The USAP is not authorized to provide support for NGOs except in an emergency situation”. Some basic points you all should be aware of are:

· You may communicate with the NGO folks (even visit their camp if invited) while you are off duty time, BUT PLEASE DO NOT INVITE them into the Station buildings or any other premises and science facilities. Only Station Management can invite NGO groups and provide a tour in the Elevated Station, and visiting our store/post office with assigned station guides.

· Please DO NOT OFFER the NGO folks any tours of the Station and facilities. Remember that personal invitations of NGO folks to the Station premises carry on serious liability issues.

· Station Management will notify NGO groups about a perimeter of special science areas and off limits areas. They only allowed traveling between the NGO camp (located near the former "grid-north" portion of the ice runway) to the Pole Marker and Ceremonial Pole for pictures, but they should not be entering the Station. If you see some of them hanging at the Station premises unescorted, please report to Comms immediately.

· If they request from you some items from the store or from the station, please let them know it is NOT POSSIBLE and refer the requests to Station Management. You may answer questions if asked, but limit your response only to your own personal life activities and DO NOT COMMENT on any Station's activities. Remember you are on the U.S. Government-supported research station, and the Station premises are considered as Government's property.

If you witness something with NGO groups which you are not sure about, PLEASE CONTACT Comms immediately at any time.

Thank you all for your help and support in this.