Aerial Photos

Every year the NSF wants some aerial pictures of the station, we used to do it at the beginning (to see all the drifting) and end of the season, now we are only do it towards the end of the season. The pictures are taken out of Twin Otter aircraft. We used to sit on the copilot seat and take the pictures through the open window, but for what ever reason, that is not allowed anymore.
Taking pictures through the back windows has some major disadvantages, first you got some plastic in front of your lens which is optically not very good, but the bigger problem is that these windows constantly freezing up, so you spend most of the time removing the ice (which is not good for the windows either) and also you always got some part of the airplane or the exhaust on the pictures, so unfortunately the pictures are not as crisp and clear as they used to be.
But we had some awesome pilots and we pulled quite a few g doing very tight turns.

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