If we stay for the whole year, we get a week of vacation at the end of the summer, until about 20 years ago, they were flying the Polies (people from Pole) back to Christchurch, New Zealand. Apparently quite a few winter-overs decided not to come back after tasting the green world again ;) so they flew us just to McMurdo, the McMurdo winter-overs still got out to NZ. In the first years, they offered us a lot of different things to do during our week in Mctown, which was great, in the last years they didn't so the bunch of Polies trying to make the best out of a week in Mctown, and apparently we were too rowdy so they don't want us here any more, so they send us back to NZ.
Unfortunately there were no flights the last 3 days besides good weather here, so my time in NZ is down to 5 days already and shrinking, they just delayed todays flight for another 4 hours, what's up with the Air Force, do they need a pink sky with green stars or what are they waiting for, at least give as a good reason, the weather was definitely fine here!

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