Race to the South Pole

Public television in Germany and Austria were sponsoring a docu event that will be screening this year. 100 years ago Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole, the TV series will show some historic accounts as well as the challenge it still takes today with modern equipment to cross Antarctica on skies. Unfortunately the teams weren't allowed to follow the historic routes of Scott or Amundsen. To play it save the teams started out on the plateau 400km off the Pole on Dec. 19th. The first team arrived on the 29th at 3:18 in the morning, the second team arrived on the 31st on 1:28 in the morning, we are not yet allowed to say which team won - because the official press release is not planned until end of January. Congratulations to both teams and welcome to the South Pole - was great meeting you all :)

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