Back at the Pole

back at Pole-004 07-02-16  The geographic South Pole with the new Pole Marker back at Pole-010 08-02-16 back at Pole-011 08-02-16 back at Pole-015 13-02-16
back at Pole-016 13-02-16 back at Pole-017 13-02-16  most of the summer people are already gone, here the rest except the last 6 are leaving back at Pole-018 13-02-16 back at Pole-019 13-02-16
back at Pole-021 13-02-16 back at Pole-023 13-02-16 back at Pole-026 13-02-16 back at Pole-030 13-02-16
back at Pole-032 13-02-16 back at Pole-033 15-02-16  the chopper is up, a callibration source for the next few weeks back at Pole-037 15-02-16  same on DSL, this is the one we observe back at Pole-108 21-02-16
back at Pole-109 21-02-16  last Kenn Borck planes on crew rest and refuel back at Pole-110 21-02-16  the skua shack back at Pole-111 21-02-16 back at Pole-113 23-02-16  fueling
back at Pole-114 23-02-16 back at Pole-115 23-02-16 back at Pole-116 23-02-16 back at Pole-117 23-02-16
back at Pole-120 23-02-16 back at Pole-123 23-02-16  and goodbye back at Pole-124 23-02-16  well, not totally both planes had to return to the Pole back at Pole-126 23-02-16  icing on the Twin Otter
back at Pole-127 23-02-16 back at Pole-129 25-02-16 back at Pole-147 25-02-16 back at Pole-153 25-02-16
back at Pole-154 25-02-16  this time it worked, this time they made it to Rothera back at Pole-156 25-02-16