Flying South

P1080529  first try, first plane P1080532 P1080533  waiting for the bus "you can leave everything on the plane, it will only take one hour" P1080535  back on the bus
P1080536 P1080537 P1080538  the "Antarctic terminal" P1080539
P1080540  besides the pax from the first flight, we also got an additional air crew now, since the first one already exceeded their flight time P1080542  second try, second plane "will only take one hour" P1080543  back on the bus :) P1080546  frist plane - third try
P1080547  plane number 2 is getting fixed P1080550 P1080553 P1080554  fianlly airborne
P1080557 P1080559  leaving NZ behind P1080561 P1080562  the sunset that never happened
P1080563 P1080564  Antarctica under the midnight sun P1080566 P1080571
P1080572 P1080573  landed in McMurdo P1080574  Hut Point, Scott's Hut P1080575  old seal ;)
P1080576  the tanker at the ice pier P1080577 P1080578 P1080581  Vincent's cross
DSC03869 DSC03870 P1080583 P1080584
P1080585 P1080586 DSC03874 P1080590
P1080591 P1080592 P1080593  the tanker P1080594
P1080595 P1080596 P1080597  Antarctica's only ATM ;) P1080598
P1080599 P1080600 P1080602 P1080604
P1080605 P1080607 P1080608 P1080609  onwards to the Pole