midwinter medevac preparations

MAH04427  flashing white approach light 6  just some standard lights with a trash bag diffueser 4  bottle with boiling water and insulation keeps the battery last several hours outside 5
7  it was still running after 4.5h, onther trash bag was blown up with compressed air, to have a nice diffueser Untitled  building more insulated boxes 3 Untitled2
8  red LED lights 9 MAH04429  testing them as well medevac schwarz-0002 15-06-16  test of burn barrels
medevac schwarz-0003 15-06-16  they run with a mixture of kerosin and normal gas and some wood medevac schwarz-0004 15-06-16  tehy will burn for about 5h medevac schwarz-0008 15-06-16 medevac schwarz-0015 20-06-16  Our heavy equipment operator did strong work for hours on end, withou being able to see much with snow and exhaust
medevac schwarz-0019 20-06-16 medevac schwarz-0020 20-06-16  going out and marking the postion of the approach lights medevac schwarz-0024 20-06-16 medevac schwarz-0027 20-06-16
medevac schwarz-0028 20-06-16 medevac schwarz-0029 20-06-16 medevac schwarz-0032 20-06-16 medevac schwarz-0034 20-06-16
medevac schwarz-0036 20-06-16  our heroic fulies, great job medevac schwarz-0039 20-06-16  the fuel pit medevac schwarz-0040 20-06-16 medevac schwarz-0043 20-06-16
medevac schwarz-0045 20-06-16 medevac schwarz-0046 20-06-16 medevac schwarz-0048 20-06-16  getting medical emergency sleds ready, in case something happens to plane on landing or take off