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Here are the first aurora shots of this winter, the exposure times are between 5 and 90 seconds on Fuji Sensia 100 depending on the brightness of the aurora and its motion. I used either a 28 mm or a 15 mm lens.
Make sure to have the right color setting (see aurora 97) Otherwise they will look quite bad.

Some of the first aurorae during this winter, the glow of the sun is still visible. Part of Orion is between dome and skylab, the bright star right above the dome is Sirius.

The bright lights behind the dome are from one of the loaders, getting snow for the snow melter.

To the left is Jupiter and right of it Venus, a few days before Venus follwed the sun below the horizon.

The 15 mm lens gives a view of 100 º x 150 º, the diagonal is 180 º

Blue and purple aurora caused by sunlight on the higher layers of the atmosphere.

Green aurora with red upper part. Typical aurora for the second and first exicted state of atomic oxygen in the higher atmosphere.

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