Another fire drill

Tuesday September 2nd, 16:50 - the fire alarm goes off. "The fire alarm has sounded in skylab...."
Next to all the false alarms, this is another drill that keeps us all in practice. This time Mark and I set it up. We ignited a real fire in a garbage can in the CUSP-lab storage area. The smoke set the alarm off.
Chris and Pops arrived at the scene first and see Sandie is lying coughing on the floor.

The first response team is getting Sandie out of the lab. Mark is taking notes on the action.

The discovered fire is reported to comms. Due to strong smoke in the storage area, the first response team has to wait for the full equipped SCBA-team.
During that time another victim was found in the mechanical room above the storage area.

The first SCBA-team arrives on scene and is directed to the fire.

About 8 minutes after the first alarm, the fire is out and everything is under control. Another victim (dummy) was found in the storage area and is brought out by the SCBA-team.

After the fire is out, I'm getting rid of my SCBA gear and watch the following action.

The tunnel between the dome and skylab is still filled with smoke. The temperature in the tunnel is about -60 C (-76 F).

Other SCBA-teams on scene come back from another check.

Dave is treated and made ready for the transport to Biomed.
As part of the drill, Dave was working on a ladder in the mechanical room above the fire. When he smelled the smoke he rushed down the ladder, slipped and got head and neck injuries.

Dave is placed on the backboard.

Transport to Biomed.

Not an easy task in the narrow staircase of skylab.

But he survived ;)

The debriefing of the drill. So be careful when you are playing with fire :)))).

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