Solstice - 50's and 60's night

Pop's diner, well known for the burgers and Fred's milkshakes.

Menu of the day.

And the milkshakes were delicious. By the way our heart belongs to AMANDA :))).

"Jaber haaalllloooo, where are the burgers.

Nerd of the month.

Everybody enjoyed the past tense. At 20:18 local time we had a cheer on the solstice. We reached midwinter and the sun is back on the way to our side of the planet.

JP got a little bit confused with the variety on the menu, but everything except burgers, french fries and onion rings were out.

MAPCON broke JP's heart a long time ago.

New orders coming in without a break.

More faked tatoos :)).

Pop's diner - of course with full service.

Happy Solstice to all people on this continent an the rest of the world.

Later on we even got some new movies, that were saved for midwinter.

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