Twilight and Sunrise

On the 5th of August during one of my observations of the comet Hale-Bopp I could definitely see the first glare of the sun. From now on it was becoming more obvious form day to day. The night is on the retreat and so the beautiful star sky and the wonderful aurorae.

The following pictures are from the end of August. You can see old Clean Air, the weather tower and GASP in the background. In the upper left Sirius is visible.

Old and new Clean Air.

Skylab and dome.

Jupiter over summer camp. :))

These pictures are taken on the 12th of September.
In the distance MAPO in the dark sektor.

Flags mark the geographic Pole


The temperature display in the Met office (left degree C, right F).

The huge snowdrift in front of the main entrance.

The moon over the dome.

The sun is coming, but it's still cold and we had a new low temperture record on September 14 at 21:29 UT.
The temperature fell to -80.4 C (-112.7 F).

Just in time to our sunrise party on September 20 we saw the sun for the first time after 6 month. Just a small piece, but it was there.

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