The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Part 3

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Aerial Photo from the station. This picture is already a couple of years old, the arches are now totally covered by snow.

Map of the dome.

Map of South Pole Station.

View from the weather tower

The new Clean Air Building.

View from new Clean Air building

The Dome from top of skylab the orange tower in the photo above.

The new Viper telescope in the dark sector.

During a snowstorm, but the sun is still up.

Flag lines to each building help during poor visibility.

The sun is now low enough to shine directly into the dome.

Sun Dogs appear on the horizon.

The time of long shadows.

My own shadow is about 15 m long.

Equinox on March 21st at 01:56 local time.

Due to refraction in the atmosphere the sun was still four more days above the horizon.


After sunset the dome is illuminated by big foodlights. Upper Berthing with the escape hatches for each room.

Our freezer, food storage in the dome.

Upper Berthing and Annex.

Upper Berthing, Science and fire shack to the right.

The greenhouse.

The dome is constructed out of triangular shaped Alumium pieces.

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