What is that??? 

Well you can guess, an elementary school from the 70s or a Boston subway station, maybe some kind of mental institution or a prison??
No it's the interior wall design of our new station. Yes indeed someone with real taste designed that.
The idea to have some color is not bad but the realization of this idea totally failed. I would say the design and choice of colors and materials is a psychological cruelty.
We have so many talented people here (real talented) and everyone of them would have done a much better job. Why not leaving the walls white and put all the nice pictures up we got here,, all the winter-over pictures, auroras, station pictures and pictures from the green world, i.e. pictures of trees, the ocean etc. But on this crap you can't even put anything up because they would get lost in pain your eyes feel looking at this.
It's hard to read, isn't it feel any pain already? Wait until you are standing in front of the white riffled wallpanels - they do funny things to your eyes, have to stop now, it hurts too much...


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