WM 2006

Soccer world championship 2006 in Germany. I'm not the biggest soccer fan, but the euphoria that caught whole Germany even caught up with me here at the South Pole and after the game against Argentina I went to the Pole and took some pictures with the German flag, again it's not as easy at these temperatures and I had to get out 3 times until I got a picture I liked. After all I'm the Southernmost German on the whole planet. ;)
I sent some of the pictures to Bayern 3 a Bavarian Radio station and from their homepage it made it suddenly to 4 different newspapers in Munich and Bayern 1 offered me an exclusive live coverage of the last minutes of the game against Italy via phone from one of their sport reporters since we didn't had any internet connection during the time of the games.
Before the final I took some pictures of Denis with the moon high in the sky again.
I'm sorry to have missed the four-week-party at 30°C in Germany but even down here I enjoyed hearing and reading about it - well done Germany :)

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