Life at South Pole

More Photos - mixed collection
part 1

Watching "Blues Brothers".

"Kaesespaetzle" for 150 people, a new challenge in cooking.

First international SPCC (South Pole cricket championships)

The "Empire" against "Rest of the World"

Jim Hinton from the "Empire" team.

We already used quite often our knowledge from the fire training. We had countless false calls and a couple of drills.

But regardless, everyone is like a real one. And we try to be as fast as possible. Every second counts. A fire out of control would be a disaster.

Ready! Where is the fire.... "Disregard, disregard" over the speaker.

Ok let's put the gear back so we are ready next time.

Going in a Spryte back to the dome.

Gary in the kitchen.

Everybody has "house mouse" duties; Sandy and Mark are helping out in the Kitchen.

Grilling outside

Getting more...


Emailing? No way I'm working :))))

You don't believe, aeh?

The last plane is leaving - farewell to the last summer people.

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