Life at South Pole 98 - part 2

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Life at South Pole 98 - part 2
World Juggling Day on July 20. Drew participated for Antarctica.

He made several records that day; lowest temperature juggling, juggling at the geographical South Pole and Juggling through all the World's time zones all in the same moment.

The June fire drill had a real fire in the middle of the dome.

The burnable waste containder started fire.

Because outside are no fire detection devices it took a while untile it was realized, but then the fire was under control in a few seconds.

The fire is out.

Some cold tricks. Katy is throwing a cup of boiling water into the air and with a hissing sound some vaporizes and freezes, bigger drops fall to the ground and freez there instantly.

Wet rags thrown agains the outside wall of a building. The immediatley freez to it and stick to the wall.

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